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June 2022 Twilight Meeting at Morningstar Nurseries

On Wednesday evening, June 15, RINLA member businesses, Registered Apprentices, pre-apprenticeship industry workers, and the Growing Futures team assembled in West Kingston to tour the gardens and greenhouses of Morningstar Nurseries, to the backdrop of grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. In attendance were 75 individuals of our green industry, from established business owners deeply invested in the stewarding of the future of landcare practices, to seasoned Apprentices committed to the values of working for their companies, to newly hired workers fresh from careers in other sectors learning to appreciate the art of growing things. Words were shared by our Executive Director, Shannon Brawley, showcasing what is next to come down the pipeline, namely the launch of our newly designed Rhode Island Certified Horticulture certificate program, as well as our newly established Community College of Rhode Island Associate’s Degree in Environment, Sustainability and Management, for which RINLA is actively purveying scholarships towards to give to interested individuals. This event is in an ongoing series that will bring together industry leaders for the unique opportunity of sharing thoughts and making memories, of which this was one of the first in a long time since the advent of the recent pandemic. We are proud to be able to host such opportunities for our members and devoted Apprentices and pre-Apprentices. A big thanks to our sponsor for this event, Adams Insurance!

Written by Jordan Miller and Mason Billings

Photographs by Mason Billings and Jordan Miller