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The Growing Futures podcast grew out of our work in developing videos to tell agriculture and plant-based industry’s story. While we were recording the interviews, we realized that a broader audience would enjoy hearing these stories as much as we have.

In 2015, the Rhode Island Nursery and Landscape Association – also known as RINLA – learned from our member businesses that the number one problem they faced was a lack of trained individuals coming into the workforce. They stated that part of the reason they could not find enough workers was because there is a lack of understanding of what the industry does and how important it will be to cultivate the next generation of natural resource professionals.

In Rhode Island, agricultural and plant-based industries provide over 16,000 jobs and represent over $2.5 billion of economic impact to the economy, and the data also show that the need is growing for the goods and services the industry provides. Aside from having a huge impact on our economy, agriculture and plant-based industries provide meaningful, living wage jobs that increase the resiliency of our built and managed landscapes, protect farmlands, coastal and urban infrastructure, design and maintain sustainable landscapes, and feed our communities.

It is our hope that listeners – whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or an individual searching for a new career – will come away with a better understanding of the careers green industry has to offer. You will also hear common themes about mentorship, a good day’s work, the need to cultivate your passion, and more.

You can find the podcast on many streaming services including BuzzSprout, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro, Podfriend, Spotify, Amazon Music, Castbox, and its RSS Feed, or you may stream it below.

You can find us on RINLA’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We love hearing your feedback, so reach out to us with questions, comments, and suggestions for future podcasts at

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