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May Registered Apprenticeship Workshop in Arcadia

On Saturday, May 4, ten Registered Apprentices participated in a day-long trail restoration workshop in the Arcadia Management Area. The first half of the day consisted of cutting lumber to specification with the help of RIDEM District Resource Manager, Jeff Arnold. Jordan Miller, RINLA’s Director of Education and Training, helped the Registered Apprentices work on their plant identification skills and deepen their ecological knowledge with a discussion of ecological disturbance and succession, too.

A group of apprentices work on their plant identification skills with Jordan Miller, RINLA Director of Education and Training (left)

Once the lumber was loaded, everyone headed out to the Arcadia Trail and carried all the supplies in to the are where the bridge needed to be replaced. After demolishing the existing, rotted bridge, the apprentices replaced it with fresh lumber, made sure it was square and level, and completed the job with two custom engraved board made for us by Jeff Arnold.

After a break for lunch, we headed out to one of the most remote sections of the Arcadia Management Area near Kenny Hill at Brushy Brook. This section of trail has been closed for five years due to flooding as a result of significant beaver activity. As the beavers are no longer active in this area, it was time to dry to drain the field they’d flooded, repair the trail that has been submerged, and work toward getting the trail re-opened. We made significant progress, though it’s going to take a while for the field to drain sufficiently. Hopefully, the trail will be able to be opened later this summer.