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End of Year Apprenticeship Gathering

Growing Futures staff and Apprentices met at East Farm at the University of Rhode Island campus for a presentation on our upcoming Career Catalyst program that we are actively recruiting for. Prospective crew leaders were instructed on what is to be expected from the program, what it entails and the types of projects undertaken in Arcadia Management Area. We then switched gears and explained how to apply for Unemployment Benefits during the layoff season while being excluded from having to search for work. As a Registered Apprentice of RINLA, one does not need to search for work during their time on unemployment. They can even continue to work for us, if hired, as a crew leader during our GFCC.

We wrapped up our presentation by discussing employer-led end of year evaluations for Registered Apprentices and went over what to expect, answering questions along the way. Evaluations are based on each competency initially determined by each employee and employer upon enrolling in Registered Apprenticeship and structured regular evaluations assess the growth of each worker and compensate them with opportunities for promotion.

Final conversations covered interest in the new Associate Degree at the Community College of Rhode Island, aptly named Environment, Sustainability and Management, that transfers to undergraduate programs in plant sciences at the University of Rhode Island. Apprentices may also receive credit toward their Related Training Instruction hours for coursework in this program. Please check out this link for more information on this educational opportunity:

Written by Jordan Miller and Mason Billings