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Arcadia Bridge Building Workshop

Volunteer Day at Arcadia! The dedicated crew leaders and members from the Career Catalyst program returned to Arcadia Management Area, along with some newly registered apprentices, for a day of heavy lifting and comradery, helping Jeff Arnold, District Resource Manager for the RI Department of Environmental Management and Growing Future’s “Golden Eagle”, to build a much needed pedestrian bridge. This opportunity had eluded us during this year’s winter training due to inclement weather, but was a welcomed summer task. A crew of 8 apprentices along with Jeff and RINLA staff members Christie and Jordan managed to construct a 12’x4’ wooden bridge, featuring a 6”x6”x12’ beam, in one hour! Of course, we are not accounting for the hours also spent on preparation, hiking, and clean up. Go team!

Written by Mason Billings

Photographs by Jordan Miller